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Oso Fresh Soap

Tin Candles (8oz)

Tin Candles (8oz)

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These tin candles are perfect to place in smaller rooms, or even big ones! At a very affordable price you can feel comfortable in trying multiple scents. All made with 100% Soy Wax and Hand Poured. 

Scents To Choose From:

  • Midsommar (Lavender & Lemon)
  • Sadie (Vanilla & Leather)
  • Earp (Leather & Bergamot)
  • Detox (Eucalyptus & Lavender)
  • CampFire (Firewood & Pine)
  • Cafe de Olla (Cinnamon & Clove)
  • Rip (Bourbon & Leather)
  • Beth (Smoke & Bourbon)
  • Woodrow (Leather)
  • Clara (Cotton Blossom)
  • Maverick (Green Tea & Melon)
  • Lorena (Tea & Ginger)
  • Log Cabin (Moss & Fire)

Care Instructions


Allow bar to dry before next use. Allow water to come off the bar by placing on a soap dish. Do not place on solid surface or integrity of bar will diminish quickly (mushy soap).


Allow candle to burn to outer edge before blowing out to prevent tunneling. Max burn time per session should be 4 hours.

WARNING: Tin heats up and the metal may be hot to the touch. Do Not leave unattended or near children/pets.

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